Open your mind to the world of possibilities

An interactive adventure through the world’s most intriguing conspiracies

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The Experience

Join us at the world’s only conspiracy museum where interactive technology meets history (no tin-foil hat required). Hands-on exhibits will take you on a journey that will encourage you to think for yourself and uncover the many reasons why conspiracy theories have grown over the years.

What does your search history look like?

Fear not, we can’t see it, but no promises others can’t. Quit fighting pop-ups and searching through countless websites to find what you're looking for. At The Conspiracy Center, learn about it all from Freemasons and the Illuminati to aliens and the moon landing. We'll dive deep into JFK’s assassination and 9/11, as well as present many conspiracy theories now regarded as true. Finally, a museum where you can immerse yourself in popular conspiracy theories.

If every sheep jumped off a bridge...?

We hope you wouldn’t jump too. It's important to us that you're not steered one way or another in your thinking. Our visitors will be presented with the details of the official story, as well as some of the conspiracy theories around each topic. Our goal is to make it fun for you to come to your own conclusions and not just follow every other sheep.

Have you ever been in Dallas and New York at the same time?

We're guessing you haven’t. If you have, a tip of the cap to you. By using state-of-the-art virtual reality, our visitors will able to experience Dealey Plaza on the day of JFK’s assassination right from the heart of New York City. Other technology like augmented reality may not allow you to be in two cities at once, but it will come in handy when getting to the bottom of whether or not 9/11 was an inside job.

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